Mr. Manley helped me grow from a part time, assistant swim coach to a confident Logistics Manager for a major vineyard in Monterey. I'm so happy with the decisions I was able to make and gain the knowledge and experience to land the job. I truly believe what he taught me during our interview prep and coaching sessions guided me to where I am today.

Kyle M.

Elk Grove, CA

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"When I was in high school I was told by teachers I'd never amount to anything. After a long history of life challenges I decided to go to College of the Sequoias but I couldn't even write a sentence. Now, I have my AA and am going to apply to a four year college. Ms. Stinson was the key to my learning success. Thank you for saving me!"

Carlos R.

Visalia, CA


Advanced Education Foundation was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.


With a combined 45 years of experience in education and executive management, our team has helped more than 400 clients improve their study habits, comprehension, test-taking skills, resume writing, interviewing and strategic decision making. As a result, these clients have earned better test scores and grades, been accepted into prestigious colleges, such as Stanford University and in addition to learning how to move up the ladder in an employment setting, have landed high paying management positions. We love celebrating those victories with our clients.


"I always had a really hard time with testing.  All of my assignments were fine but I couldn't pass a test. I needed help and after a few assessments with Ms. Stinson, I finally passed my first test, which gave me more confidence. I still struggled but I began passing and gained confidence with each small success!

John A.

‚ÄčPorterville, CA

Advanced Education Foundation

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Thanks to Carrie, I was able to 'get through' my senior year of high school. After that she encouraged me to get a degree. I decided I wanted to go to a technical school where I could finish in 6 months and be a medical assistant because I didn't want to spend anymore time in school than I had to. Turns out, I CAN learn, LOVED it, finished to become a medical assistant and now have my AA!

Channing P.

Palo Alto, CA